5 Risks You Face When Your Air Ducts Aren’t Cleaned Properly

While dusting your home isn’t a fun task, it’s important to keep these areas of your home clean and clear of debris. While the process may be tedious, you should dust your ducts at least once a year, preferably more. It’s also a good idea to store cleaning supplies away from the surface you’ll be dusting. If you notice any surfaces that appear dusty, you should have your ducts cleaned.

Not cleaning your ducts may increase the risk of mold. This type of infestation can devalue your property, and it’s easy to miss it. If you’re trying to sell your home, you don’t want to leave this problem behind. Often, mold is undetected until a pre-sale inspection. Remediating an infestation of mold can take many months, and even involve complete renovation. To prevent this, regular duct cleaning is the best way to keep your ducts free of mold and other contaminants. Furthermore, duct cleaning is much less expensive than remodeling and remediation.

In addition to these risks, dirty air ducts can also lead to other health issues. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the dust from air ducts can cause sinus infection and whole-body infection. In addition, these ducts can be a breeding ground for pests, which pose a health risk.

Your air ducts are the primary source of contamination in your home. If they’re dirty, your house could be at risk of lower or upper respiratory infections. You may notice a rash or a sore throat. These are common symptoms, but the symptoms of these conditions can be much worse. You should also keep in mind that bacteria in your air ducts can cause an infection, especially in children.

A dirty air duct can also contain mold, insects, and rodents. If your ducts have visible mold, you could even be exposing yourself to these dangerous irritants. In addition, improperly cleaned air ducts can affect your health. It’s also a good idea to get them cleaned regularly to prevent allergies.

A dirty air duct can lead to many health problems. For this reason, it’s vital to clean your air ducts regularly. Not only will this prevent illnesses, but it can also protect your home from small claims court. While cleaning your ducted system will save your home, you should consider a professional’s recommendation for your specific needs.

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