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Can You Overuse a Muscle Stimulator?

Electrical muscle stimulators (EMS) are devices that send electrical pulses to a patient’s muscles. They produce a pulsating sensation and can be set to vary in frequency. For acute pain, users should use a higher setting such as 80 to 120 Hz. For chronic pain, people should use a lower setting, such as 2 to 10 Hz. These lower settings can help the body to release natural endorphins and relax the muscles.

An EMS unit creates an electrical charge through electrodes that you can apply to any part of your body. You can adjust the strength and duration of the stimulation to achieve the desired effect. The device also has several modes, including one that can generate deep and complete muscular contractions. The device does not stress the CNS or joints or tendons. The stimulation doesn’t have to be repeated every day.

The best age range for EMS is between mid-teens and mid-fifties. Young children and early teens are likely to receive enough exercise for healthy growth. Once a person reaches the age of 50, hormones start to slow down the activity of their muscles. Until this point, it is best to increase the activity gradually. And remember: the more a person exercises, the less the chance of an adverse reaction.

EMS is most effective for people in their mid-20s to mid-50s. The best time to begin using one is when you are younger and more active. If you’re older, you’ll want to increase the frequency and duration gradually. But remember: you can’t overuse a muscle stimulator. During the early stages of your workout, make sure you listen to your doctor. You should be comfortable with the frequency and length of each session.

The best time to use EMS is between your mid-20s and your mid-50s. At this age, you can gain maximum benefits from the device. You should also increase the intensity gradually. A mid-20s user can expect to notice the best results from EMS. A muscle stimulator can be effective for a variety of purposes, from treating back pain to toning muscles. It is regulated by the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health, as a prescription medical device.

It is important to understand how muscle stimulators work. The EMS device generates an electrical charge through electrodes. The electrodes are placed wherever you want to engage in the workout. The exercise is quick, intense and lasts for several minutes. The muscles will respond to the stimulation. They can even be stimulated in the middle of the workout, which may be beneficial for your recovery. The EMS device may also be used for rehabilitation after surgery.

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