How To Avoid Duct Cleaning Scams

It’s important to avoid air duct cleaning scams. The first is the telemarketers who may call Ontario residents from a foreign country. These callers hijack the name of a reputable duct cleaning business and instruct you to speak to the serviceman on his own phone. This is a common trick used by rogue telemarketers who want to take advantage of the vulnerable.

When you’re comparing prices, look for the term “whole house”. This should be a red flag. Many scammers use bait-and-switch techniques to get people to sign up for their services. While a company may say they clean the entire house, they typically just mean the returns and vents. When you see “whole house” written on the contract, it probably refers to a few vents and returns.

A scammer will often offer a low-ball price for a duct cleaning project. These companies usually use bait-and-switch tactics to get customers to sign up for their services. They will also advertise that they clean “the entire house.” While it may sound appealing to be a cheap duct cleaning deal, these services are likely to leave you with dirty air and a higher bill.

Scammers will target homeowners’ fears and offer good deals as a way to gain access to their home. They’ll say they have mold in the house and then charge thousands of dollars for a service that isn’t necessary. If you suspect you’ve been scammed, hold off on the work until you find a second opinion from a legitimate mold assessment company. This will ensure you get the quality work you’re looking for.

Scammers may offer the lowest price for the service, but a more expensive service will be necessary for the home’s HVAC to perform properly. Be wary of a company that offers a low price but then later adds extra charges to clean the ducts. A scammer will try to bait the homeowner by telling them that they’ve already done more work than they’re actually responsible for.

You can avoid scams by doing your research. Do your homework. Check the Better Business Bureau and HomeStars profiles of air duct cleaning companies to ensure you’re dealing with a reliable company. If you can’t find one, don’t hire a reputable air duct cleaning service. They will be happy to help you! You’ll be happier in the long run. A good service will improve the quality of your home’s air.

Another common scam involves a technician who doesn’t have a good vacuum. If you don’t have a vacuum, you should never hire a duct cleaning company that advertises a high-priced shop vac. It doesn’t provide the suction necessary to thoroughly clean your air ducts. Furthermore, companies with insufficient vacuums aren’t likely to offer a quality service.

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