Kerastase Discipline Masque Curl Ideal

The Kerastase Discipline Masque is a 2.5oz deep treatment mask for curly hair. It is specially formulated for hair with overly voluminous curls. This mask provides intensive curl nourishment and adds strength and suppleness to hair fiber. It can be used on damp or dry tresses and is meant to be left on for 5 minutes. After applying, hair should be brushed, combed, or blown dried.

For overly voluminous curls, Shape-in-Motion Masque is recommended. It contains Pro-Keratin and elastin, which reinforce torsion points and improve fiber elasticity. Silicone provides volume control. This masque can also be applied directly to the scalp for better root control. It is recommended to leave on for 5 minutes and rinse it off after.

For overly voluminous curls, Shape-in-Motion Masque is the best choice. It works to reduce volume at the root while providing extra volume in the ends. It also provides frizz control and smoothes the hair’s surface. The Deep Treatment Mask has ingredients like Pro-Keratin and elastin, which strengthen torsion points and improve fiber elasticity. Silicone is a lightweight and silicone-based formula that restructures and adds shine to hair.

A Deep Treatment Masque is perfect for overly voluminous curly hair. It contains a blend of silicone and cationic derivative to provide root control and mass reduction. It also minimizes volume at the root and promotes strength and suppleness. Once applied, the mask is rinsed off. This masque is best applied to wet or dry hair. Once applied, the formula can be left on for five minutes before shampooing.

The Discipline Masque Curl Ideal is best applied to damp or cleansed hair. Massage the product into the hair fiber and spread it over the scalp. The product helps control frizz and provides more root control. The serum is recommended for hair that has overly voluminous curls. If you have curly hair, this masque is an excellent choice. The deep treatment mask is also suitable for those with overly voluminous curls.

This masque is ideal for thick and curly hair. It is formulated with Pro-Keratin and Elastin to reduce mass and control the roots. The shape-in-motion masque helps to minimize volume at the root. The texture of the hair is smooth and shiny. It is not sticky and it won’t leave any residue behind. In addition to that, it is easy to apply.

The Fusio-Dose Ritual is a specialized Kerastase service available only in salons. This treatment can target two major concerns: dryness and frizz. This ritual pairs a base concentrate with a boost to correct both issues. It can be applied daily to the hair or used as a treatment for damaged hair. The Fusio-Dose ritual is the most personalized service offered by Kerastase.

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