Link Between Pornography And Depression

Link Between Pornography and Depression

A relationship between pornography and depression has been documented. However, it is unclear whether the two disorders are necessarily connected. Some researchers believe that depression and porn usage are linked, but this is not proven. The first step toward recovery is to recognize that you have a problem and seek help. If you suspect that porn has become a source of your negative mood or has caused you to withdraw from social activities, it is best to consult with a licensed health professional for guidance.

There are many studies that show that pornography is a coping strategy that helps people deal with their negative emotions, but these studies have limited results. One study found that pornography viewing may increase depression symptoms in men. In a follow-up study, men who were depressed and watched porn were more likely to use the site as a coping mechanism. Further, pornography viewing may lead to negative feelings and guilt.

It is unknown whether pornography is the cause of depression. Some research has concluded that viewing porn can increase depression symptoms. But this study did not find a direct connection between pornography and depression. The researchers believe that porn viewing is a coping mechanism for men suffering from depression. They have also found that loneliness, as well as internet porn use, correlates with problematic pornography among U.S. military personnel. This suggests that the porn industry can affect adult actors negatively.

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