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The Basil Street Pizza Vending Machine

{Claudio Torghele, inventor of the pizza machine{,|} has been working on his {invention for many|invention for a number of|invention for several|idea for many} years, {partnering with several|working with a variety of|and has collaborated with various|collaborating with a number of} {university faculties|faculties of universities|faculties at universities|faculties of the universities} {along the way|throughout the process|during the process|in the process}.|Claudio Torghele is the inventor of the pizza machine. He has been working on {it for many|it for a number of|it for several|the project for many} years and has {partnered|collaborated|worked} with {several|a number of} universities {along the way|throughout the process|in the process}.} {In 2009, he{ officially|} {unveiled|presented|revealed} his first pizza vending {robot|machine}.|He{ officially|} {launched his first pizza-dispensing robot|introduced his first pizza-dispensing robot|began his first pizza-dispensing machine|launched his first pizza-dispensing robotic} in 2009} {The {machine’s success has|machine’s success|success of the machine|machine’s popularity has} {led him to create|led him to establish|inspired him to start|been the catalyst for him to start} {a company,|Let’s Pizza, a company|the company,|an organization,} Let’s Pizza, to manufacture the machines and distribute them.|After the machine’s {success, he founded|success, he launched|success, he created|popularity, he founded} Let’s Pizza to produce and distribute {them|the machines}.} {Today, the company {boasts|has} {over a thousand units worldwide|more than a thousand units in the world|over a thousand units around the world|more than a thousand machines worldwide} and employs {over 400 people|more than 400 people|more than 400 employees|nearly 400 people}.|The company employs {more than|over} 400 {people and boasts over|people and boasts more than|employees and boasts more than|people and has more than} {a thousand units in|1,000 units around|1000 units across|one thousand units around} the world.}

{The {latest|most recent} {innovation comes in the form|technology comes in the form|innovation is in the shape|innovation comes in the shape} of the Basil Street kiosk, a {robotic solution that uses|robotic device that has|robot that makes use of|robotic solution that utilizes} an integrated 32-inch flat screen TV{ to serve| that can serve| to function|, which can be used} as a {window for delivering|window to deliver|display for delivering|doorway for delivering} pizzas.|Basil Street kiosk is the {latest innovation|most recent innovation|latest technology|most recent development}. It {uses|has|utilizes|is equipped with} {a 32-inch flat-screen TV|32-inch flat-screen television|32-inch flat-screen TVs} as a {window to deliver|window to serve|display to deliver|window for delivering} pizzas.} {It {includes|comes with} {a disposable pizza cutter|a pizza cutter that is disposable|a pizza cutter that can be used as a disposable|an oven-ready pizza cutter}{, a napkin, and| as well as a napkin and| along with a napkin and| along with a napkin, as well as} two spices.|It {comes with|includes} {a disposable pizza cutter,|a pizza cutter that is disposable, a|an empty pizza cutter,|the pizza cutter in a disposable package,} napkin{,|} and two spices.} {The company’s {technology was developed|technology was invented|technology was created|invention was developed} by an immigrant from the Middle East, who went on to become a successful jeweler{ by| through|} casting {watches and jewelry|jewelry and watches} for retailers {like|such as} Movado.|{An immigrant from|A native of} the Middle East developed the technology for the company. He {went on to become|became|was later} an {accomplished jeweler, casting|expert jeweler, casting|expert jeweler, forming|accomplished jeweler, making} watches and {jewelry at retailers|jewelry for retailers|jewelry at stores|jewels at retailers} like Movado.}

{The Basil Street kiosk is a robotic system that delivers {pizzas|pizza} directly to customers.|Basil Street kiosk is a robot that delivers pizzas {directly|direct} from the oven to customers.} {It {can even|is also able to|can also|also has the ability to} {play targeted advertising and|be used to play targeted ads and|use targeted advertising to|perform targeted advertising and} generate {extra|additional} {revenue for the manufacturer|revenue for the company that makes it|income for the maker|revenue for the pizza maker}.|It {can also be used|is also able} to {target advertising and generate additional|focus advertising and generate additional|create targeted advertising and generate|make advertising more targeted and generate additional} {revenue for the manufacturer|revenue for the company that makes the pizza|revenues for the maker|revenue for the producer}.} {The company is currently testing {this innovative|this revolutionary|the innovative|this new} technology in {airports, hospitals|hospitals, airports}{, convenience stores, and| as well as convenience stores and| and convenience stores as well as| convenience stores, hospitals, and} {college campuses|colleges|campuses of colleges|campuses for colleges}.|This {innovative|new|revolutionary|cutting-edge} technology is currently being tested in {hospitals, convenience stores|convenience stores, hospitals}{, airports, and colleges| airports, airports, and college| airports, as well as colleges| airports, airports and college} campuses.} {{It is capable of making|It can earn|Basil Street is able to make|It’s capable of generating} {as much as the profits|more than the profits|as much as the profit|nearly the profits} of a single {pizzeria|pizza restaurant}.|It {can make|could generate|could earn|can generate} {as much as|up to|more than} {a single pizza place’s profits|the profits of a single pizza restaurant|one pizza shop’s earnings|one pizza place’s profit}.} {With such a {versatile|broad|wide-ranging|diverse} product, Basil Street has a bright future ahead of it.|Basil Street has {a bright future with|an exciting future with|an exciting future thanks to|an excellent future with} {such a versatile|this kind of|such a broad|such a diverse} product.}

{A {new innovation in|new approach to|new concept in|brand new approach to} the pizza vending {industry focuses|business focuses|industry is focusing|market focuses} on gourmet {pizza|pizzas}{, and this| which| and} has {led to a $10|resulted in a $10|resulted in a 10} million round of {funding|capital}.|A {$10 million funding round|$10 million investment round|$10 million round of funding|funding round of $10 million} {has been made|was announced|has been announced|is being planned} {for a new innovation|to fund a novel idea|for a brand new concept|for a new idea} in the pizza vending {business|industry}. It {focuses|is focused} on {gourmet pizza|pizzas that are gourmet|premium pizza}.} {In April{, the company plans to| the company is planning to| the company will| the company plans to} launch {a multi-city pilot program in|an experiment in multiple cities across|a multi-city pilot program across|an initiative that will be piloted in multiple cities in} the United States.|The company {plans to launch a pilot|is planning to launch a pilot|plans to launch a trial|is planning to launch its pilot} program in {multiple|a variety of|several|various} cities across the United States in April.} {The machines are powered by a {robotic|robot} system{, which| that} allows them to cook{ the|} pizzas {on demand|as they are ordered|at the demand}.|The robotic system {powers the machines, which|is the power source for the machines, which|powers the machines, and|powers the machinesthat} {can cook pizzas on-demand|can cook pizzas on demand|can cook pizzas in-demand|will cook pizzas on demand}.} {{In addition|Additionally}, Basil Street machines have {a screen that plays|screens that play|an LCD that plays|an LCD screen that plays} {targeted advertising, which can|targeted advertisements, which could|targeted ads, which can|specific advertisements, which could} {help them make additional money|aid in making additional revenue|assist in making extra money|help them earn additional income}.|Basil Street machines also {have|come with} {a screen that plays|screens that play|an LCD that plays|screens that show} {targeted ads, which can|specific ads, which could|targeted adsthat can|specific advertisements, which can} {help them make more money|aid in making more money|assist in generating more revenue|aid in making more profit}.}

{The company is currently raising {money|funds} through {a crowdfunding campaign to produce|an online crowdfunding campaign to create|crowdfunding to build|a crowdfunding campaign in order to develop} {a fully|an} integrated pizza vending machine.|The crowdfunding campaign {is helping|will help|helps} the company raise {money|funds} to {build|construct} {a fully|an} integrated pizza vending {system|machine}.} {{While food journalists have mostly|Food journalists have generally|While food critics have generally|Food critics have largely} {turned their noses up at|dismissed|rejected|been averse to} the {concept|idea} of {a pizza vending machine|vending machines for pizza}{, the creators of| The creators of| however, the founders of| but the people who created} the company believe {it can|it will|that it could} {spark a sense of adventure|create a sense of adventure|inspire a sense of excitement|bring out a sense} {in consumers|in the minds of consumers|in customers|among consumers}.|{Although food journalists have generally|Food journalists have typically|While food critics have generally|Although food critics have traditionally} been skeptical{ of the idea|} of {a pizza vending machine being|the pizza vending machine being|an automated pizza vending machine being|a pizza vending machine ever being} {made, the creators of|constructed, the founders of|created, the makers of|built, the people behind} {this company believe it can|this company believe it will|the company believe that it could|this company believe that it can} {inspire a sense of adventure|create a sense of excitement|bring a sense of adventure|instill a sense} {among consumers|in the minds of consumers|for consumers|among the public}.} {The new pizza kiosks {are being|are currently being|are|have been} installed in restaurants across the US and Europe.|The new pizza kiosks {have been installed|have been put in place|are being installed|have been set up} in {many restaurants in|a variety of restaurants across|numerous restaurants in|a number of restaurants in} the US and Europe.} {{It is not yet|It’s not} {clear which companies are the|certain which companies are the|evident which businesses are the|obvious which companies are} most successful.|{It is still not clear|It’s not yet clear|It’s still unclear|It’s not entirely clear} {which companies are most successful|which businesses are the most successful|which ones are the most successful|which companies are most successful}.}

The automated pizza dispenses hot pizzas to customers. {It {can be used anywhere|can be used wherever|is able to be used anywhere|can be used at any place} and at any time.|It {can be used at|is able to be used at|can be used from} any {place and any time|time and at any location|time and anywhere|time, and from any place}.} {The machines {come with|have} {a window that allows|windows that allow|the ability for|an open-air window that allows} {customers to watch|users to observe|customers to view|customers to observe} the process.|Customers can {view|observe|watch|see} the {process through a window|process from a window|entire process via a display|process using a screen} on the machine.} {The dough is {pressed|then pressed|then formed|formed} into {an 8-inch round pie|a round pie of 8 inches|a round pie that measures 8 inches|a pie-shaped round of 8 inches}.|The dough is {pressed|then pressed|formed|then formed} into a {round 8-inch pie|pie-shaped round of 8 inches|round , 8-inch pie|round pie of 8 inches}.} {The {sauce and cheese|cheese and sauce} are piped {out of|out using|through|from} a {nozzle|funnel}.|The {sauce and cheese|cheese and sauce} are {poured out using|poured out with|poured through|then poured out using} {a|the} pipette.} {It {can be topped with various|can be topped with a variety of|can be topped with different|is then topped with various} ingredients.|{You can top it|You can add toppings|You can then top it off|It is possible to top it} with {different|various} ingredients.} {The {automated pizza resembles|pizza that is automated resembles|robotic pizza is reminiscent of|machine-made pizza resembles} {a real-life pizza restaurant|the real-life pizza restaurant|an authentic pizza restaurant|the authentic pizza place}.|The {automated pizza looks just|pizza that is automated looks|machine-made pizza looks|automated pizza appears} {like a real pizza place|like a traditional pizza restaurant|as a real pizza shop|like a pizza shop}.}

{The new machine is {based on|inspired by|modelled on|an adaptation of} the Italian style of vending.|The {machine’s design is inspired|design of the machine is inspired|design of the machine is influenced|design of the machine was inspired} by the Italian style of vending.} {It {slides out a pizza|can make a pizza|is able to make pizzas|makes pizza} {in three minutes and costs|in just three minutes and costs|in just three minutes, and costs|within three minutes and will cost} between four and six euros.|It can {make a|create a|make|prepare a} pizza in{ just|| only| less than} three minutes{ and costs between| and cost between|, and will cost you between| and costs} four to six euros.} {The dough is {made|created} by hand by the machine, {so|and|which means|meaning} customers can {watch|observe} the process {while they eat|while eating|as they eat}.|Customers can {watch the dough being made|observe the dough being made|watch the dough being created|see the dough being produced} by the machine while they {eat|consume their food|take a bite|enjoy their meal}.} {The first machine was {installed|built|set up|constructed} in Rome.|In Rome{,|} the first machine was {installed|built|set up|introduced}.} {{Its popularity has spread throughout|Its popularity has spread across|Its popularity has spread to|The popularity of the machine has spread throughout} the US.|Its popularity {spread throughout the|spread across the|grew throughout the|spread throughout} US.} {It is {available in various|in many|accessible in a variety of|readily available in numerous} cities.|It is {available in many|in many|readily available in a variety of|accessible in many} cities.} {{The pizza vending machine is|Pizza vending machines are} {available in several|accessible in a variety of|available in many|widely available in different} countries.|It is {available in many|available in a variety of|accessible in many|readily available in many} countries.} {You can {choose|pick} the model that {best fits|best suits|is most suitable for|will best suit} your {needs|requirements}.|You can {choose which model|pick the model that|pick which model|select the model that} {best suits your needs|best meets your requirements|is the most suitable for your needs}.}

{Smart Pizza machines are the only ones {with|that have|equipped with} hearth ovens.|Only smart pizza machines {have|come with|are equipped with|with} hearth ovens.} {They can be {operated|controlled} remotely by the operator.|They can be {controlled|operated} remotely by the operator.} {It {costs $68,000|is priced at $68,000|is priced at $68,000,} and comes with {customized|custom-designed|custom} covers and large roof {signage|signs}.|It {is|costs} {$68,000 and comes standard|priced at $68,000 and comes|priced at $68,000, and comes|$68k and comes} with {large roof signage and|large roof signs and|a large roof sign and|large roof signage as well as} {customized|custom-designed} covers.} {It is {designed|specifically designed} {for outdoor use and can|to be used outdoors and can|for outdoor use and is able to} {operate in any location|be used in any place|be operated in any location|operate in any area}.|It can be used outdoors and is suitable for {any|all} terrain.} {Its {compact|small} size and {ease of operation|easy to operate|simple operation|easy operation} make it {a great|an ideal|a perfect|a good} {choice for outdoor locations|option for outdoor areas|option for outdoor locations|option for outdoor settings}.|Its {compact|small} size makes it {an ideal|a great} {choice for outdoor use|option for outdoor use|choice for outdoor usage}.} {{And the pizzas are|The pizzas are|Pizzas are|Pizzas are also} always fresh!|{The pizzas|Pizzas} are always fresh!} {{And it’s|It’s} not {just the price that counts|only the price that matters}.|It’s not {only the price|just the price|just the cost|just price} {that matters|that is important|that’s important}.} {{It’s the service|It’s the service|It’s the quality of service|It’s also the service}.|{It’s the service|It’s the service|It’s the quality of service|It’s also the service}.}

{The Smart Pizza is a standalone pizza vending machine.|Smart Pizza is a standalone vending machine that {makes|can make} pizza.} {It can {hold 96 par-baked|hold 96 baked|accommodate 96 par-baked|store 96 par-baked} {pies and has|pizzas and comes with|pie pies and also has|pizzas and includes} an app {for ordering|that lets you order|to order} pizza.|It can {hold 96 pizzas and offers|hold 96 pizzas and has|hold 96 pizzas , and comes with|store 96 pizzas and provides} an app {for ordering|to order|to place orders for|that lets you order} pizza.} {It also {has|comes with} {a built-in hearth oven,|an in-built hearth oven,|an oven built-in to the hearth,|an integrated hearth oven} which{ final|} cooks the pie.|It also {features|has|comes with} {a built-in oven|an oven built-in|an oven|an oven built in} {that cooks the final pie|which cooks the final pie|that cooks the final pizza|that cooks the pie}.} {The Smart is {perfect|ideal} for the {premium segment|top-end segment|high-end segment|premium market}.|The Smart is the {perfect choice|ideal choice|best choice|perfect option} for {premium customers|those who want the best|customers who value premium quality|the most discerning customers}.} {It {provides 2 pizzeria-like pies|offers two pizza-like pies|delivers two pizzas that resemble pizzerias|can provide two pizzeria-like pizzas} {in three|in just three|within three} minutes.|It {makes 2 pizza-like pies|can make two pizza-like pies|can create two pizza-like pies|makes two pizza-like pizzas} in {just|only} three minutes.} {The smart pizza {uses|makes use of|utilizes|is built using} API Tech technology to {make it stand out|differentiate it|distinguish it} from the crowd.|This {smart pizza uses|pizza is smart and uses|smart pizza makes use of|smart pizza utilizes} API Tech technology{ in order|} to {stand out from the crowd|make it stand out from the crowd|distinguish itself from the rest of the pack|make it stand out from other pizzas}.}

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