Microsoft Office 2019 professional plus New features and updates

The new version of Microsoft Office comes with many updates and new features. The most notable new feature is the Translator pane. This feature is very helpful for users who need to translate documents into a different language. However, it requires a user action on the first time it is used. Instead, it is a part of Intelligent Services, the artificial intelligence behind Researcher and Smart Lookup. So, you have to select a language in order to use the translator.

PowerPoint has received numerous improvements this year. The program now supports Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). This type of image file format is easily rotated, resized, colored, and more. This feature makes presentations much more efficient. The Icon button now displays SVG icons. The new SVG icon button has a better look and feel. The software’s performance also increases with more than 20 percent.

The program is fully compatible with the Surface. If you have a Surface tablet, you may be familiar with the digital pen. This feature enables you to write and draw directly on your screen. The latest version of Office includes new inking capabilities, tilt effects, and pressure sensitivity. One unique feature is the roaming pencil case. This feature allows you to store and organize your favorite pens and highlighters.

The new PowerPoint application also includes a dark mode. Previously, Microsoft 365 customers could use this feature. Now, the standalone version will be able to benefit from it as well. This new feature makes it easier for presenters to navigate through slides. The PowerPoint interface has been updated to support more modern ways to present information, so the Morph and Zoom options will be extremely useful for most presenters.

The latest version of Microsoft Office will feature support for Scalable Vector Graphics. This type of image file can be rotated, moved, and colored, and the quality will not be compromised. The new tool also has an SVG icon button. This will help you create stunning and eye-catching documents. The new version of Microsoft Outlook will have an improved interface. This will improve email management. These new features will allow you to create and manage complex presentations, and even create a variety of other documents.

Office ProPlus includes the latest versions of Office. It also includes automatic feature upgrades. You won’t have to purchase the standalone edition. And it’s a good idea for businesses. Not only will the cloud services keep your business safe, but the updates will also improve productivity. You won’t have to worry about security and other issues related to your business. Its advanced cloud services will help you stay organized and on top of your work.

The new version of Office offers a range of additional features for businesses. For example, it will include the ability to publish data to Power BI. It will also add enhancements to PowerPivot and PowerQuery. The new version will also offer a digital pen. If you have a Surface device, you can write and draw notes on your screen with the help of the digital pen. The program is compatible with Windows and Mac computers.

The new version of Excel has many exciting new features. Its new tools include inking and graphing capabilities. The new Ink Tools tab lets you choose ink color and stroke width. It also has a new Eraser, which will erase text you might not want to keep. It also works with mobile devices, so you can create sketches and drawings on the go. The features of Microsoft Office 2019 are listed below.

Excel 2019 comes with several new features. It includes new charts, formulas and the ability to publish data to Power BI. It also offers improvements to PowerPivot and PowerQuery. Its new digital pen will be very useful for those who use a Surface tablet. Another feature of the new version is that it now comes with the ability to collaborate with other people. Despite the changes in its appearance, this version of Office is still very functional for businesses.

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