Polar H10 Fitness Tracker for boxing

Polar H10 Fitness Tracker For Boxing – Heart Rate Monitor and Chest Strap

The Polar H10 Fitness Tracker for boxing offers a heart rate monitor and a kickboxing mode. While most fitness trackers focus on running as a form of cardio, the polar H10 will track boxing workouts. If you use the kickboxing mode, you will need to select “other indoor” on the fitness tracker’s settings screen. The polar H10 will keep track of total time, punches and speed.

The heart rate sensor in the Polar H10 is connected to the phone, and is a vital sign to keep track of your heart rate during a workout. This feature will allow you to see how hard you kick and how powerful you are. It’s a good choice for those who want connectivity and precision. The polar H10 is compatible with Android and IOS devices. It also features an in-built GPS device for tracking your training.

The heart rate strap does not fall into the category of activity monitoring. It does not broadcast your heart rate live, but instead it helps you take a holistic approach to your training and life. It tracks how long it takes your body to recover from strain and how much you sleep. It can also tell you your resting and recovery times. You can also learn if your workout is too intense. The heart rate strap is comfortable and secure.

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