reading books makes you a better person

Whether you’re a new reader or an old pro, reading a book has many benefits. According to University of Toronto professor Keith Oatley, reading more fiction increases empathy and understanding. His research shows that the more fiction you read, the better you’ll be. If you’re wondering what all this means for you, here’s an infographic to help you figure it out. It’ll give you a new perspective on the world and make you a better person.

Studies show that reading books improves your empathy. A study by the University of Liverpool published in 2000 found that people who read a lot tend to be happier and less depressed. The results also showed that people who read a lot tend to have closer relationships with others. Because reading fiction allows us to immerse ourselves in a different world, we can better understand the feelings of others. That’s why you’ll be a better person when you read.

Reading regularly is an excellent way to improve your health and happiness. According to a study by the University of Liverpool, those who read a lot have lower stress levels and higher self-esteem than those who don’t. They also tend to be more confident and have better relationships with friends. And since reading is a good way to connect with others, the more you read, the closer you’ll become with them.

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