Thai foot massage pressure points

The goal of Thai Foot Massage is to relieve stress and promote general health. The massage helps the body achieve balance and energy, and can alleviate local pain. It is an ideal therapy for myoskeletal problems. An experienced massage therapist can help ease pain by stimulating the pressure points on your foot. Read on to learn about the benefits of Thai Foot Massage and how to give yourself the best foot massage possible. This ancient art will rejuvenate your body and mind.

The Chinese believe that the pressure points located on the foot are connected to the body’s meridian lines. The meridians are energy pathways which transport energy throughout the body. The natural flow of energy along these lines is blocked by stress and environmental toxins, which leads to illness and disease. To promote proper energy flow, the Thai Foot Massage stimulates the pressure points along the Sen lines. These reflex points are linked to the body’s major organs.

The energy lines in the feet and hands are important to Thai Medicine. The energy flow in these energy lines is blocked by various factors such as pollution, physical exercise, and genetics. The Thai Foot Massage uses pressure points along the Sen lines to facilitate the free flow of energy and promote overall well-being. By stimulating these lines, you’ll improve your health and your happiness. In addition, this ancient therapy is a great way to relax and restore energy to your body.

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