Touch of Moroccan Boujaad Rug for your home design

The vintage style Moroccan boujaad rug is an ideal accent for vintage and rustic designs. This beautiful piece of floor art features bold colors, shadows from the warp threads, and depth in patterns. The rich colors and intricate patterning make it the perfect addition to any space. Whether you’re decorating a living room or bedroom, a boujaad rug will add a touch of Morocco to any space.

A Boujaad rug is a work of art – each one is uniquely designed and woven by matriarchs for centuries. They are known for their vibrant colours, which bring happiness to their families and create a joyful atmosphere in the home. The traditional Berber carpets were created with geometric patterns and were created by the women of the area to make a bright, happy space.

The traditional Berber design is a popular choice for interior decor. This rug is traditionally woven, and has fringes on one side. Modern styles have been inspired by the traditional Berber aesthetic and are a great way to add the Berber feel to any room. This rug is a perfect choice for the entryway, hallway, or bedroom. It has an elegant look and will bring a unique flavor to any room.

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