General dentistry

General dentistry is a broad category of dentistry services, focusing on maintaining a patient’s oral health and preserving a person’s natural teeth. These professionals aim to keep patients looking great for a lifetime. In addition to oral health, oral hygiene plays a critical role in general health. Studies have linked some of the most common oral infections with serious conditions such as cardiovascular disease. It is important to visit your dentist regularly to avoid these problems.

General dentistry involves a wide range of preventive services. Prevention involves taking steps to protect your oral health from disease, while treatment aims to treat dental problems before they progress to other parts of the body. For example, regular exams by a general dentist include diagnostic images such as x-rays and a comprehensive dental examination. In addition to teeth cleanings, general dentists can also offer preventive treatments such as sealants and dentures. They can even prescribe custom-fitted mouthguards to protect people from accidents and injuries.

There are several types of general dentists. A general dentist will perform routine dental exams to check for tooth decay and signs of oral disease. If they find a problem, they will then recommend a procedure known as a direct or indirect restoration. A direct restoration is a repair placed directly inside the mouth and is usually placed within one office visit. Composite is a tooth-colored adhesive bonding material that is commonly used to fill cavities. This type of restorative material is more affordable than a dental crown, which can be more permanent.

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