Is it Legal To Sell Puppies in Pet Stores in Australia_

As of 1 July 2017, it is no longer legal to sell puppies in a pet store in Australia unless they are sourced from registered animal pounds, shelters, or community foster care organisations. Under the new legislation, it is not a criminal offence to sell an animal at an early age. But there are strict rules when it comes to selling puppies. According to the Animal Welfare Act 2004, the sale of puppies and kittens in pet stores is governed by subordinate regulations. If you are selling puppies in a store that is registered as a “Pet Shop”, there are no additional regulations that apply.

The legislation says that pet stores selling puppies and kittens must ensure the well-being of the animals they sell. The breeder must ensure that they know the history of the puppies and make sure that the dogs are not aggressive or destructive. The pet shop must also be a registered breeder. All breeding facilities in Australia must also ensure that dogs are desexed and rehomed. The new law states that breeding facilities must provide kennels with a specified size. It requires kennels to be well-lit and contain bedding for the dogs. The puppy’s owner should provide information on the proper care for the puppies and kittens.

The new laws also mandate that pet stores must tell consumers where their dogs come from. The breeder must inform buyers about LICE risks and provide written information on this. The legislation requires breeders to register their facilities before they can sell puppies. The new laws take effect on July 1, 2019, so they need to follow them carefully. The new legislation will prevent the selling of animals in pet stores.

There are some requirements when selling puppies and kittens. The breeder must have a valid breeding license and must give buyers a microchip number. The seller must also give them the owner’s contact details and a registered source number. Moreover, they must comply with the animal welfare act 1985. It is illegal to sell animals in pet stores if they are unregistered.

It is illegal to sell puppies and kittens in Australia without the proper licensing. While breeders are permitted to sell their puppies in Australian pet stores, the regulations require that they meet certain standards. These standards are set by the state and country, and there are many exceptions. For example, the breeder can sell his or her animals online, or sell their kittens privately if they meet the minimum requirements.

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