what is Brioche Sandwich Bread

How to Make Brioche Sandwich Bread

This delicious, soft bread has a unique texture and flavor. The dough should be firm, but not sticky, so you can handle it. It should also hold its shape and pull away from the sides. For best results, leave the dough in a warm location to rise for an hour. After it has doubled or tripled in size, divide it in half and form three equal balls. Knead the dough for five minutes, or until it feels smooth and elastic. Cover the dough and leave it to proof for at least four hours.

The dough should be divided into 4 equal pieces. Each piece should be rolled to about 18 to 20 inches long. Pinched together at the top, each strip should be crossed over the other. The strips should be rolled and folded over each other, so that the seams are hidden. Continue braiding until the strips are all in one. When you are finished, pinch the strips together to prevent them from unraveling.

After shaping the dough, refrigerate it overnight. While it is a difficult dough to shape, the dough will firm up and make the sandwich bread more tender. Spread a generous layer of butter on the top of the dough, and you have yourself a brioche-topped sandwich! Once it has cooled, it’s ready to eat! You can also serve this bread as a quick snack.

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