cyber attack

Cyber attacks occur every day and they can cause massive damage to any organization. In many cases, an attack can cripple a computer system, preventing businesses from operating as they normally would. In some cases, attacks stop government bodies from offering essential services. Large amounts of sensitive information can also be stolen, affecting individuals and companies on a financial and personal level. In one notable case, a cyber attack caused the shutdown of a steel plant on the East Coast, affecting 45% of the country’s fuel consumption.

The types of cyber attacks that can affect a company are numerous, and they include Denial of Service (DoS) and social engineering. A social engineering attack involves sending emails posing as legitimate sources in order to trick the victim into giving up personal information or downloading malware. They may use a malicious email attachment or a link to an illegitimate website in order to trick victims into entering their personal information. They will then be able to access vital information such as financial or health records.

Cyber attacks are often carried out for political reasons. State-sponsored hackers are responsible for many attacks, including the Russian attack on Ukraine’s power grid, and the Iranian state-sponsored group known as APT33. As a result, cyber war has become a major concern. Other attacks, such as the recent hacking of the White House Military Office’s email system, have been linked to nation-state actors. There are also numerous examples of hacktivism, in which hackers launch their attacks against large organizations and governments in order to create awareness of political issues, censorship, and internet regulation.

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