Flasher rig for trout

While made-up flasher rigs can be found in most fishing tackle stores, many blokes prefer to create their own. This way, they can customize the designs to match their taste and fishing style. Besides, you can impress your mates by creating a unique and original rig. Here are some tips for building the perfect flasher rigging. Read on to find out more about rigging a trout flasher.

The first step of rigging a flasher is to select a fishing bobber. The bobber should be either red or white and should be attached to the main line with a snap swivel. It is best to use a weight of half to two ounces to ensure the maximum resistance from trout. Once you choose the right size, you can easily change the weight.

A jig is very easy to rig. The main line is tied to a 1/4 oz inline weight. If the weight does not have a swivel, tie it to the main line with a snap swivel. In general, you want to tie the main line to the bait, not the lure. If your rig is not effective, you need to use longer leaders to get more effective results.

Flasher rigs are most commonly used for salmon trolling. However, flasher rigs can be used for trout as well. Most fishers prefer to use dodgers instead of flashers. The flasher produces a series of small, bright, and pulsating lights. The rod is typically eight to twenty inches behind the flasher. This will help your flasher stand out in the dark waters.

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