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Hollywood News – Tom Cruise Reuniting With Director Joseph Kosinski For ‘Go Like Hell’

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Tom Cruise is reuniting with director Joseph Kosinski for a new project. Currently, the pair are negotiating with Fox studios for the film ‘Go Like Hell’. The project, based on AJ Baime’s bestselling novel, is a drama. In the movie, Cruise will play American automotive designer Shelby, a man who must overcome his past to succeed in Hollywood. The story is currently in the early stages of development, and Fox studios hope to finalise the script next year.

According to a recent report, Tom Cruise has reconnected with director Joseph Kosinski for ‘Go Like Hell’, an action movie based on a book by AJ Baime. The movie is currently in the development stages and will be released next year. However, the plot is still unknown and there has been no official confirmation yet. There are also several ongoing controversies surrounding the film. In fact, the director is unhappy about the situation.

The director and star are in talks about the film. The script for the movie is still in its early stages, and it will follow the true story of Shelby. The movie is based on the book by AJ Baime, which was also adapted into a movie called ‘Go Like Hell’. The cast is not finalized yet, but the studio hopes to finalise it by the end of this year. It’s unclear when the movie will be released, but the actors have expressed their interest in the project.

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