internet traffic

Internet traffic is the flow of data between two points on the internet. It may also be the flow of data through certain network links. Common measurements of traffic include total volume, transmission rate, and multiples of the byte. However, the term can be used to refer to any amount of data moving through a computer. To understand the different forms of internet usage, it is helpful to have an understanding of how the web works. To learn more, read on.

Internet traffic can be divided into several types. Streaming media accounts for the largest portion of this traffic. Streaming media sites offer content on demand to users. These streams are generally low-bitrate and may not interfere with a household’s connection. On the other hand, large companies have hundreds of users accessing their streaming services at once. It is possible to limit this type of bandwidth load by blocking access to streaming media services or setting limits on bandwidth at the firewall.

Despite the popularity of video on the internet, the problem of latency is often not as clear-cut as it seems. It is important to understand that latency issues can occur on either side of the connection. For example, a big internet company may have sophisticated servers to handle the high volume of traffic that it receives, but a smaller operation may be stretched to the limit. A small business may have to be patient and work to make its website perform at the highest level.

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