Jungle Themed Playroom

For her kids’ jungle themed playroom, Laura Hamill and her husband Chris came up with a simple idea. They painted the walls white, and then used a diagonal line to draw stripes. The stripes should be narrow at the top and bottom, and broader in the middle. After the walls had dried, Laura called her husband, Bill, and his mother Louise to help her. They used black emulsion to outline the jungle scene, and Laura filled in the rest of the room with a larger brush. The two also created storage units on one wall.

Since Claire couldn’t find animal print furniture, she found a bargain futon in a forest-themed pattern at B&Q. She gave the futon a leopard-skin fake-fur cover, and the window was given the jungle treatment with a bamboo blind. The whole design came together in just three days, and Claire’s daughter is delighted with her new room! She says: “It is so much fun to decorate with the jungle theme!”

The vibrant colors of the jungle will increase the excitement of your kids. Experts recommend using bright colors to create a playful, exciting environment. Adding animals to the room will enhance their imagination and stimulate their thinking and satisfaction. The roaring sound effects will send your kids to the jungle! In addition to the jungle theme, you can also select jungle-themed wall decor for your baby’s nursery. This will help to make the room fun and colorful for your child.

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