OXO shower mirror

OXO Shower Mirror

The OXO shower mirror is a great addition to any bathroom. It has a suction cup to hold it securely to glass or tile. It is also designed to remain in place while you are in the shower, so you can continue using the shower while you watch your reflection. The hot water from your shower prevents condensation, which makes it ideal for bathrooms that have high humidity. With the suction cup design, you will never have to worry about your mirror being in the way while you’re taking a shower.

This mirror is also patented and features a robust back made of plastic and phthalate-free resin. This helps keep the mirror from fogging. The acrylic surface is shatterproof and has an integrated razor holder. It can also be easily secured to most bathroom surfaces. The suction cup design also makes it easy to adjust the mirror for multiple users. Once installed, the OXO shower and bath mirror will be easy to clean and maintain.

The OXO shower mirror is shatterproof. You can fill it with warm water to prevent it from fogging. A built-in reservoir lets you fill it with water while showering, balancing the temperature. This prevents condensation. The mirror also has a hook that allows you to hang your sponge or razor. The OXO shower mirror can be adjusted to fit any shower surface. The OXO StrongHold range is backed by a 10-year warranty.

The OXO shower mirror is shatterproof, which makes it ideal for wet environments. It can also be filled with hot water, preventing it from fogging. The OXO shower mirror has a large opening and an adjustable paracord. The OXO shower mirror also has a hook for a toothbrush and razor. Despite being shatterproof, this mirror is easy to install and adjust. Its phthalate-free suction cups also make it safe for multiple users.

The OXO shower mirror has a patented design, which prevents fogging. It also features a sturdy back with a 5 1/2 feet-long paracord. It is easy to clean and maintain, and the durable design makes it the best mirror for a small bathroom. It can also be placed on a smooth surface. This is ideal for people with different body types. It can be used by the elderly or the disabled.

This mirror is made of durable acrylic material and is easily adjustable. Its patented design is based on the idea that heat prevents fogging. It has a waterproof back, insulating material and an adhesive mount that can secure it to a variety of bathroom surfaces. You can even use it while shaving, which makes it a good choice for multi-users. You won’t need to use it for more than a few days a week.

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