OXO shower mirror

OXO Shower Mirror

If you’re looking for an excellent shower mirror that will not fog, consider the OXO shower mirror. Its suction cups will keep it firmly in place on glass or tile surfaces. You can use it to check your hair and make-up without worrying about condensation. It’s also water-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about leaving water on the mirror while taking a shower. Hot water helps prevent condensation, and the suction cups will keep it in place while you’re in the shower.

The OXO shower mirror is shatter-proof and easily slides into its frame. Its temperature-equalizing design keeps the mirror from fogging. Unlike other mirrors, it doesn’t need to be placed directly on the wall. A suction cup will keep it securely in place. The OXO shower-mirror also comes with hooks to hold your sponge or razor. Its strong suction cup won’t damage porous surfaces like glass or masonry.

The OXO shower mirror is shatter-proof, thanks to its suction cup and phthalate-free sealant. You can fill the suction cup with hot water to equalize the temperature of the shower. This prevents the mirror from fogging and condensation. It’s easy to install and remove, and it includes a sponge and razor holder for convenience. It’s shatter-proof and made from durable acrylic that’s easy to clean.

The OXO shower mirror is shatter-proof and fits easily into your bathroom’s shower stall. Its frame has a suction cup to help it stick to smooth surfaces. The curved edge is removable and replaceable. The sliding mechanism makes it easy to remove and replace. You can even secure it with a magnet if you ever want to shave. The holder will also accommodate your sponge and razor, allowing you to shave or make up in peace.

The OXO shower mirror has a phthalate-free suction cup to securely mount the mirror onto a shower wall. It is easy to install and remove. Its lever allows you to adjust the height. A mirror with a suction cup will not fog, but a mirror that is fixed on a wall won’t. But you can use it in your bathroom and it will save you money and frustration.

The OXO shower mirror is made of phthalate-free plastic, which is non-porous and prevents condensation. It’s also made of plastic, so you can easily remove it if you want to wash your hands. However, the OXO mirror is not suitable for porous surfaces, but it is designed to fit them perfectly. When you’re shave, you’ll have to be careful with the way you hold your razor.

The OXO shower mirror has a suction cup that sticks to the wall. The mirror stays clear in steamy showers thanks to the reservoir located at the back. It has hooks for shaving and toothbrushes. Moreover, it is made of shatterproof plastic, which is a great feature for showering. A suction cup is easy to install with a suction cup. Besides, the OXO shower mirror comes with instructions.

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