places to visit in jaipur

During your visit to Rajasthan, you should make time to explore Jaipur, the state capital. The Old City of Jaipur is the heart of the city, and it gives you a sense of the royal family that once ruled the area. It’s also known as the “Pink City,” because of its pink buildings and stately street grid. Of course, you should not miss the opulent City Palace complex, which features courtyards, gardens, and museums, and was once the home of the king and queen of the state.

The Sisodia Rani Garden is a historical site in Jaipur. The narrow path that leads to it is a fascinating experience, especially when you consider the fading paintings on the walls and ceilings. The colorful, ornate outer walls are a must-see, and you should visit the palace during a day trip to get a taste of the city’s past. You can also watch Bollywood films at the Man Sagar Lake fort, which is located near the city center.

The Albert Hall is an impressive museum in Jaipur. It boasts stunning architecture and has over 35 giant silicon statues of famous people. You can find anything from a mummy to a tiger. And, if you don’t want to buy souvenirs, the Palace of Winds is the place for you. Just remember to bargain, as in any other part of India, you can knock up to 60% off the price.

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