space themed playroom ideas

There are many ways to decorate your child’s space-themed playroom. A black board behind the bed can be used as a planetary system, and a model rocket can be placed in the room to lift the atmosphere. You can also paint the room with a dark blue or black background to give it a futuristic look. Depending on the size of your child’s bedroom, you can create a space-themed mural using photos of astronauts and other astronauts.

If your child has a favorite astronaut, you can purchase a replica of him and her in a miniature spaceship. These toys are perfect for small children, as they can climb up and down the rocket. Creating a mini mezzanine above the bed will allow you to double the floor area without a large ceiling. If your child wants to go the extra mile, you can even purchase a tiny rocket-themed dresser.

When it comes to decoration, you can start with a planetary system. You can place this in your child’s bedroom or playroom to make the experience more realistic. This kit will include a 23-inch Sun, eight proportionally sized planets, Pluto, and Earth’s moon. It also has a foot pump for easy inflation, and is available in several colors. It also includes a bed cover that matches the theme, as well as a matching duvet.

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