How to Make Fresh Grilled Squid

The most basic step in making fresh grilled squid is to wash it. Then, carefully remove the internal organs, the beak and the skin. Then, remove the tentacles, which are edible. You can also use the ink to make spaghetti. During the cleaning process, ensure that the squid is room temperature. Then, pat the squid dry with a paper towel.


How to Make Fresh Grilled Squid

Squid is delicious grilled and it’s easy to prepare at home. This seafood dish is a good way to enjoy squid without sacrificing its health and flavor. It is a healthy option that won’t break your budget. You can buy the squid already cleaned and marinated and save time. Clean the squid by removing the beak, fins, and internal organs. You can also remove the head and legs. Then, remove the tentacles and discard them. The tentacles are a delicious addition to the dish and you can also eat it whole.


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