Waikareao Estuary

The Waikareao Estuary Walkway is a great way to explore this beautiful natural area. There are bike and walking tracks for all abilities. The walk is close to central Tauranga and Otumoetai, and is accessible from several paths that connect to the walkway. The walk is mostly flat, and there are many places to sit and enjoy the views. You can also catch up on some much-needed rest and relaxation at one of the three cafes along the track.

The Boardwalk Trail – This nine-kilometre loop of the estuary offers a great opportunity for a family picnic or a solo cycle ride. Bikes can be parked at either end of the track or parked along the walkway. There are toilet facilities at the beginning of Coach Drive. The Don Stewart Walkway continues down Ngai Tamarawaho Crescent, and features a boardwalk that winds through the mangrove tidal zone. There is a lookout that gives a view of the estuary and some historical information.

The Don Stewart Walkway – This nine-kilometre track is a favorite of runners, walkers, and cyclists. It has several rest areas, and is rated a Category 1 Ecological Area for its high biodiversity value. A short branch walkway on Coach Drive leads to a public toilet. A short boardwalk along the mangrove tidal zone leads to Motuopae Island, also known as Peach Island. At low tide, you can visit this island, a burial site for the Ngai Tamarawaho iwi.

The boardwalk is a popular walk or cycle track in the city. The nine-kilometre track is well-marked and multi-use. It features bridges, boardwalks, and gravel surfaces, and is near numerous bicycle paths and cafes. The boardwalk sits above the high tide line, so it can be used by many people. During low tide, it is possible to reach Motuopae Island, also known as Peach Island.

The Don Stewart Walkway is a popular walking track in Tauranga. It is a nine-kilometre walk that’s ideal for families. In addition to walking, it is a great place for families to ride bikes. There are also bike trails in the area. The Don Stewart Walkway runs through the Waikareao estuary, but it is a popular walk. Aside from its picturesque views of the estuary, it’s also a popular urban cycle track in the city.

During the summer, the Waikareao Estuary Loop offers an excellent walking track. The nine-kilometre track is multi-use, and has a boardwalk with a sheltered walkway above it. There are two bike paths in the area. During the summer, you can walk along the boardwalk. A bicycle path is a good alternative. You’ll be able to enjoy the scenery from a different perspective.

You can take your bike to the top of the wetlands to see the bird colonies and nesting grounds. Another popular walk is the 9-kilometer Waikareao Loop. It’s a multi-use path that can be used by people of all ages. The boardwalk is marked by signs, and the walkway is a popular destination for bicyclists. Its location means that it is a popular walking and cycling track.

There are many ways to explore the estuary. There is a 9-kilometre boardwalk track that encircles the estuary. It’s a multi-use path with bridges, boardwalks, and a bike track. The walk is suitable for bikes and buggies. Be aware of the tide, which can affect you. Taking your bike on the boardwalk could cause you to get wet.

A 9-kilometre boardwalk is a great way to explore the estuary. The loop is a popular cycling and walking track. It includes boardwalks, bridges, and gravel. The loop is multi-use and sits above the high tide line. It is a great place to get a good dose of nature. You’ll be surprised at how many species you can see. This is a great way to enjoy the environment while exploring Tauranga.

The Waikareao Estuary is a great place for a family to spend the day. The walk is ideal for all ages. There are two cycle tracks. The first is a flat, level track. The other is a paved path. The track was constructed by locals. The path follows the estuary. It’s a good walk for families. It’s a great place for cyclists, walkers, and nature lovers.

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